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The Power of the Olympic Games 2016

In honour of the Olympic’s opening in Rio this evening, it’s come to my attention that I may just be one of a minority that is truly excited about the Olympics games hitting our screens.
Let’s be honest, 2016 has been a year of turbulent and testing times, in other words it’s been a load of rubbish. To be quite frank, the Olympic games 2016 has been rather over shadowed by the years other events: Brexit, Trump, America in general, the refugee crisis, “the war on terror.” The list just goes on and on. I’m not saying that it’s wrong that such important issues have been such focus, but I think it’s rather sad that perhaps one of the main things the Olympic does for every country around the globe, has been buried underneath the other news bulletins.
The Olympics is a sporting event for everyone to partake in, whether your black, white, rich, or poor, the games unite the athletes in their respected sports regardless of their own individual backgrounds, it doesn’t matter where you from, as long as you have the talent and determination to succeed( two wonderful human qualities to possess). Not only that, but it also unites us as spectators, those of us who watch in awe at these human machines from the comfort of our own homes. We have a common interest in what happens to ours and other sporting teams. National pride is something which flourishes because of the Olympics, I for one know that when Andy Murray (undoubtedly my sporting hero) walks out with the rest of Team GB holding the union Jack an excitement and happiness will hit me. Isn’t that wonderful, that during a summer when being British for some has been something negative can all of a sudden vanish?
The Olympics is not just something to boost team moral but also national moral. At the same time, I know I will be sitting in amazement watching all the other countries compete and deducing just how do they do what they do. The Usain Bolts of the world continue to dazzle me at the athletic prowess and overall sporting abilities.
Furthermore, it makes me incredibly proud and happy to see that at the Olympic Games there will be a team for refugees; athletes who have overcome major barriers and have shown bravery in the face of adversity, to be present and compete with the crème of the crop. How amazing is it that the Olympics can accommodate for all. This is a sporting event for the people for which I will always be thankful that it does exactly that.
The Olympics is a moment of celebration, that regardless of our differences around the globe we can be a united front through the medium of sport, that sport can have a positive effect on how we treat one another. Surely this message is what we should be spreading across the world as opposed to other things we have witnessed in the last couple of months.
Let it be known that the Olympic Games 2016 were the games that brought everyone together and for a short period of time we can became a global family because of our love of sport.  So I plead with you to make sure you all put your alarms on and get ready for the opening ceremony tonight and celebrate with the rest of the world. Rest assured that I certainly will be watching alongside the other eyes of the world as the party begins in Rio… with my union jack flag in one hand and my glass of Prosecco in the other.