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  • Reel Fashion Show

    Kathryn Pearson reviews the Reel Fashion Show: a collaboration of societies’ designers and performers. Set in Stumble Out under hazy lighting...

    Sports and SocsKathryn Pearson27/03/2017
  • Celebrating medical marvels

    Medical documentaries are fascinating, informative and wide-reaching, but often toe a fine line between removing taboos around common conditions and reinforcing...

    FeaturesGrace Yeadon24/03/2017
  • Most Disadvantaged Teenagers Less Likely to go to University than Ever Before

    Recent reports regarding access to higher education suggests that those from disadvantaged areas in the UK are less likely to attend university....

    NewsLouise Jones24/03/2017
  • Raise Up Your Talents

    Michele Theil reviews the Raise-And-Give Talent Show, an event raising money for three excellent charities. The Raise-And-Give society’s charity event, aptly...

    Sports and SocsMichele Theil23/03/2017
  • Armstrong Gun Burgled

    An Englefield Green pub favoured by students for its quizzes and karaoke nights has been burgled. The Armstrong Gun, situated on...

    NewsPaco Tijdink23/03/2017
  • Interview with Nishall Garala

    Deputy Editor Louise Jones caught up with Nishall Garala Religious Affairs Officer for Royal Holloway’s Hindu Society to talk about all...

    FeaturesLouise Jones22/03/2017
  • Exclusive: The all-access guide to RHUL’s new library

    The Orbital’s Joanne Archer gives you the low down on the new Library and Student Services Centre. We promise you it’s...

    FeaturesJoanne Archer22/03/2017
  • Interview with Amani Fancy; Professional Pair’s Figure Skater and ROHO Student

    Deputy Editor Louise Jones talks to Amani Fancy, professional pair’s figure skater, and how she balances being a professional athlete with...

    FeaturesLouise Jones21/03/2017
  • Astronomy: More than just pretty desktop backgrounds

    The vast majority of us have looked up at the night sky before and admired the twinkling stars above or maybe...

    Science & GamingGrace Yeadon21/03/2017
  • Diversity’s Demons

    Hefina explains how to embrace your individuality ‘Be your own person’, ‘don’t let others dictate who you are’ -the sad reality...


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