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  • Instagram: The New Catwalk?

    Victoria Chapman discusses how Instagram is becoming more influential within the fashion industry than the catwalk. Ever found yourself aimlessly scrolling...

    LifestyleVictoria Chapman05/06/2017
  • Gigi Hadid, Vogue, the Hijab and the West.

    There has been much controversy surrounding Gigi Hadid’s cover for Vogue Arabia in which she adorns a veil and poses for...

    CommentSahar Mahmood28/03/2017
  • Reel Fashion Show

    Kathryn Pearson reviews the Reel Fashion Show: a collaboration of societies’ designers and performers. Set in Stumble Out under hazy lighting...

    Sports and SocsKathryn Pearson27/03/2017
  • Diversity’s Demons

    Hefina explains how to embrace your individuality ‘Be your own person’, ‘don’t let others dictate who you are’ -the sad reality...

  • Tackling Gender Codes this LFWM

    Lifestyle journalist Chloe Hill discusses the changes in gender-normalisation at the most recent London Men’s Fashion Week With the current strain...

    LifestyleChloe Hill12/03/2017
  • Could you win at being Anna Wintour?

    Fashion Weeks come and go all over the world, and for the most part, the students who are interested, like myself,...

    LifestyleKerry Harrison17/09/2016
  • MAFIA Maximum: concept bags hit Topshop

    Extreme sports to city life! Marcos Mafia is taking the world in a whirlwind. From starting his unique company only four...

    LifestyleAbi Turner08/04/2016
  • Literary Party

    We are welcoming the new library development on campus. Well to be precise, cranes and cement mixers have invaded campus since...

    LifestyleAbigail Turner03/03/2016
  • Davison, Porter and you: the Fashion that shaped a century.

    Archaic, grand and classic are just a few synonyms that you may use when you describe Royal Holloway’s campus. Set apart...

    LifestyleAbigail Turner19/02/2016
  • Trick or Treat: The Fall Essential Looks

    This year fall fashion and makeup has taken a turn for the scary, for some, adventuring into a more dangerous stylistic...

    LifestyleSarah Jane Oxley26/10/2015

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