You’ve got a friend in me

Jordan and Thom give some advice on how to help friends with mental health problems.

Working from home like a pro

Tiger-Lily shares the latest tips and tricks for being productive at home.

Spilling The Beans

Tiger-Lily Goldsmith tells us all about coffee – the best friend that gives your brain a big old hug – and how we can save it from it’s impending doom.

Coronavirus: Staying Safe and Avoiding Misinformation

Orbital looks at what we can do to stay safe from the spread of coronavirus, not just for ourselves, but for our Royal Holloway community as well.

Note; this article is NOT a replacement for your own research. If you are truly worried, you should visit the links I have included at the end of the article, and see the research of professionals.

‘Strike while the iron is hot’: An inside account of the UCU strikes.

As a third wave of strikes has been announced, Rachel Hains re-shares some of the submissions she has received from various members of staff striking in the UCU dispute for pensions and working conditions.


Natasha Mae interviews Isaac Kenyon, Royal Holloway alumni on how he is taking life by storm and inspiring challenge in the lives of others.

The Power of Putting Yourself First.

Shay Gray explains, from personal experience, the importance of taking care of your mental health at University. Warning: this article discusses topics of anxiety attacks and suicidal ideation. Let’s not sugar coat it: University is kind of scary. You’re away from your family and living alone for quite possibly the first time in your life, […]

Make your mark and register to vote this Autumn!

With a General Election approaching on December 12 Orbital and the Students’ Union have teamed up to remind you to vote!


Rachel Hains explains some of the changes coming to Orbital as a result of the SU’s decision to declare a climate emergency and how you can help.

Books That Matter

Becca Bashford tells us about the feminist book subscription box we all should have, Books That Matter, and interviews its founder.

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