The appeal of autumn: Reasons to Fall in Love with Autumn

It’s that time of year again: the earth applies her sepia filter and autumn arrives. It’s the season that calls for dad jumpers, thick socks, and hot chocolate on tap. Scarves, bobble hats and fingerless gloves seep into everyday outfits and you start pondering over your boot collection, wondering whether last year’s Chelsea boots are […]

How have international UK university students been affected by the COVID pandemic?

Author: Farah Hanif,
Researchers and Contributors: Kim Jisoo, Sanjana Misquitta, Khadija Mussa & Gregor Gough

What’s happening in Myanmar?

The current crisis in Myanmar, by Thea Drake

The Best LGBTQ+ Shows To Watch Now

Some LGBTQ+ recommendations, by Thea Drake

Marsha P. Johnson and the Stonewall Riots

Johnson’s LGBTQ+ activism, by Emily Downie

Royal Holloway’s Partial Accommodation Refunds

What Royal Holloway have done so far to help students during lockdown, by Jordan Thorne

My first week working as an UberEATS courier in Egham

What it’s like to work for UberEATS, by Rhys Jones

The Fight for the Free School Meal

The campaign for the continuation and improvement of free school meals, by Emily Downie

Coup of the Capitol

A look at recent events in the USA, by Thea Drake

Eating Sustainably

Thea exposes impacts of the meat industry and gives suggestions about eating more sustainably.

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