Finding Shelter From the Rain

Tiger-Lily discusses the stigma around anxiety and depression and talks to people about their experiences.
*warning: some content may be triggering*

Let’s Discuss: Male Mental Health

Emily discusses male mental health and how the stigma is being addressed.

Behind the Curtain of Invisible Illnesses

Alice reveals what it’s really like to have an invisible illness.

Black British History is Just as Important as African American History

Renée Lewis discusses the emphasis on African American history over black British history, and how this needs to change.

Support of UK black-owned businesses

Emily tells us how we can support UK black-owned businesses, with examples in hair, beauty and fashion.

Refugees in Crisis

Thea discusses the harmful mindset towards refugees in the UK.

What diversity means to us: RHUL Brazilian Society

Brazilian Society told us what diversity means to them.

Acknowledging White Privilege

Thea and Renée discuss white privilege in light of the BLM protests.

Freshers’ Festival

Thea writes about what to expect at the Freshers Festival at our university.

From Home to Halls

Emily offers advice to Freshers about moving from home to halls.

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