Tag: Freshers 2014

Basketball Bears

There’s a lull of safety to the familiar phrases of parents, teachers, siblings and friends: “your first year will be the best year”, “you’re going to meet so many different people”, “you’re going to make friends and memories that will last your lifetime”. They seem so certain. After my first year, it is my belief […]

An Introduction to Femsoc

Interested in feminism? Or simply finding out more about what exactly that means? The definition of feminism is ‘advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality’; we aim to work towards equality of the genders. As one of the first UK universities to accept women, Royal Holloway has a rich […]

Check out Royal Holloway’s Cricket Club! OPEN TO ALL

Whether you’re already a skilled player or haven’t yet picked up a cricket bat, cricket has something for everyone! There are many reasons why you should pursue this brilliant sport. This sport not only improves your overall health and fitness but also develops your rhythm and coordination skills. There is a strong team spirit both […]

Latin American Society

Bienvenidos a La Society! The Latin American Society invites you to join us at our events and fiestas, transporting you from Egham to the Caribbean. We have planned so much to make this year the most amazing and enjoyable year at RHUL. From our Tequila Fest to the celebration of Carnaval du Brasil, we have […]


Do you fancy increasing your fitness, having a blast and learning something new? How about hurtling yourself into the air and plummeting back down to land on your front, back and, occasionally, your feet? If so, trampolining is the perfect sport for you! NASA has even approved the sport with a study revealing that trampolining […]

To all that like the fine things in life

Whether you are Italian or not, if you’re an enthusiast of Italian culture, welcome to the Italian Society! Not only do we host several culture-related socials like Pizza & Cine Nights, Aperitivos, Karaoke Nights (with Italian songs!) and Italian dinners in local restaurants, we will also be going to Italy to experience the beauty of […]

Geology Rocks

The Lyell Geoscience Society works in conjunction with the Geology department and has a well-established tradition of organising events throughout the year, the most important of which is Lyell Day. This is an annual celebration of distinguished geologist, Charles Lyell, taking place in the spring. Lyell Day is marked by a series of lectures given […]

French Enthusiasts Wanted

Bonjour à tous! To all the lovers of good food, good wine and good company: the French Society is back and we welcome everyone who wants to have fun the French way! With cultural activities ranging from food and wine evenings, language classes, and trips abroad there are many events this year that will guarantee […]

Czech out Lacrosse!

Another year had passed and yet again the Lacrosse club cap off a successful season with a long lasting tradition… TOUR! This year had been, no doubt, filled with memories on and off the pitch with all Men’s, Women’s and Mixed teams yet again showing their presence in BUCS. However there was only one thing […]

Middle East Soc welcomes you!

Join Middle East Society NOW to benefit from: Free beginner and intermediate Arabic lessons, frequent social events including shisha café & restaurants, interaction with people from all over the globe and academic events featuring guest speakers. Do you want to explore the culture of the Middle East? Then sign up via the SU’s website to […]