60% of University Students Use Porn To Improve Sex Knowledge

A recent survey of more than 2500 students found that more than 60% of university students have used porn to attempt to fill in the gaps in their knowledge about sex and two thirds of students reported that they received no information about consent in their sex and relationship (SRE) lessons at school. The National […]

College Puts Profit Before Students Safety?

It may not have come with a grand declaration of public announcement, but it certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed; the SSHH bus service has been reduced to running on function nights. After a review of the Student Union services over the last academic year, funding for the SSHH bus has been severely reduced, affecting the amount […]

Rail Fare Increase to Hit Royal Holloway Commuters

A rise in train fare prices in England and Wales came into affect on the 2nd January 2015. Regulated fares, including season tickets, increased by on average 2.2%, although some rose by 2.5%. Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin has tried to justify the increase by citing the need for the vital maintenance and improvement of the […]

King’s College Rebrand Causes Controversy

Last month it was announced that a fellow college of the University of London, King’s, would begin a £300,000 re-branding campaign, which will see the institution change  its name from King’s College, London to simply King’s London. The change is due to come into force in February of this year, when the university will officially change its […]

Magna Carta Centre to Open at Royal Holloway

2015 marks the 800th anniversary of a monumental document in British history, the Magna Carta (1215). To mark this anniversary, Royal Holloway, will be launching ‘The Magna Carta Centre for Individual Freedom’. This will include a Doctoral Scholarship Grant, offered by the Leverhulme Trust, worth £1 million. It will enable 15 post-graduate students to be […]

The UK higher education system’s best kept secret: How are our tuition fees spent?

According to the influential think tank, Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), the majority of the UK’s leading universities are refusing to publish a breakdown of how each student’s £9,000 per year tuition fees are spent. HEPI contacted a range of institutions in order to uncover where students’ money goes, however according to director Nick Hillman, […]

Anti-Student Vandalism Increases in Englefield Green

The recent weeks have seen what can only be described as a sharp and worrying climb in anti-student related acts. Vandalism, verbal and physical abuse have become rife in parts of Egham and Englefield Green in the run up to Christmas – but will this trend continue? A number of students when asked about any […]

Backlash Against May’s Plans to Send Home Foreign Graduates

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, recently revealed government plans to send international students home after graduation, in order to control the immigration flow. However, there has been large-scale opposition and condemnation of her student exit plan, with many saying the target should be illegal immigrants not overseas students. It is likely that non-EU students arriving in […]

Women More Likely to Enter University Than Men

The number of UK university entrants passed 500,000 for the first time in 2014, according to UCAS admissions service figures. While the gap between entry rates for rich and poor students has narrowed, the gender gap between women and men is the widest ever, with women a third more likely to enter higher education than […]

Young Voters the Key to Downing Street

In the 2015 UK general election, young people engagement and participation could make a striking difference on electoral turnout. More precisely, as research by Britain’s cross-party think tank Demos shows, “Up to three million young voters are up for grabs in the next elections. The political party that can tap into this pool may just […]

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