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As lockdown returns with a second season no-one asked for, here’s how film can help with your mental wellbeing over this lonesome winter.

Harry discusses some films that positively represent mental health, and gives his own suggestions.

Diversity in the Indian film industry

Thom explores the lack of diversity in Indian film.

The BFI leads the way with an online experience at the 2020 London Film Festival

Harry Mear discusses the 2020 BFI London Film Festival’s online experience.

The Fate of Cinema

Harry Mear describes how lockdown has affected the cinema industry.

Mr Robot – What Happens Next?

Jamie Woods recaps the past seasons of Mr Robot whilst exploring why more people should be watching.

Only The Dead Have Seen the End of War

From 2003 until 2010 the Australian journalist Michael Ware was based in Iraq as he reported on the war for Time Magazine. He compiled his film into a documentary which was released in 2015 called Only The Dead. Despite being four years old this documentary is still as poignant as it is harrowing and as tensions and conflicts continue in the Middle East Ware’s exploration of war is as resonant as ever.

Embodying Chaos: Why the Joker and the Goose are the Same Character

Alex Whiteman takes a closer look at two of 2019’s most popular releases, and explores the similarities between the most famous killer clown in fiction, and a goose.

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