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Only Murders In The Building: the secrets in the walls

When true crime podcasts become the comforting friend of loneliness… Only Murders In The Building, one of the newest editions to hit Disney Plus, follows the story of three lonely, eccentric misfits, Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel (Selena Gomez) in New York City, brought together by their mutual love of their favourite […]

Are cinemas going extinct? A Post-Covid Review

Stale popcorn and half-working escalators, overpriced, too-watery coke and the blue raspberry (what even is that?) slushy that comes with a funny shaped, reusable plastic cup that will sit on your windowsill for months, never to be used again — there’s nothing quite like the cinema. The first public performance of a film was in […]

Jennifer’s Body: the Final Girl Dismantled

Warning – this article contains spoilers.  With it being Halloween, a lot of us will be spending the season in various ways. Whether it is going out to the SU dressed up in costume, or snuggling up under a blanket and watching a scary movie. Nowadays, we are spoiled for choice with what films we […]

Say his name: how Candyman’s sharp social commentary exposes the horrors of reality 

Nowhere near as sweet as he sounds, the urban legend of Candyman is rooted in the bitter realities of racism at the hands of white supremacy, birthing a monster and personifying the terrors of oppression. Arguably ahead of its time, the origins of the frightful hook handed menace stem from the realities of a history […]

There’s No Place Like The Cinema

By Harry Mear

I Watched All the Academy Award Winning Films So You Don’t Have To- Here’s the Verdict

By Harry Mear

There’s Something About Diana

By Bridget O’Sullivan

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