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Big Giving for RHUL’s Future Students

Royal Holloway has launched the Big Give Christmas Challenge to raise funds for scholarships and work placements for deserving students.

Thoughts on Home

Rhiannon Ireland discusses what home means to her. As Christmas has just ended, a time where students traditionally return home to spend time with their family, an article about the concept of ‘home’ seemed an appropriate thing to write about. The traditional definition of home is usually where you and your parents or guardians live, […]

Ho Ho Christmas Adverts

Everyone has their favourite thing that they love about Christmas time. There is so much to choose from: the food, the films and the presents! However the thing that finally makes it feel like Christmas for me is the much anticipated Christmas commercials. So here are just a few of my favourites this year: ‘Santa […]

A Cross-Cultural Christmas Build Up

Ah Christmas. It seems that the beloved festivity comes around quicker and quicker with each passing year. A sentiment that is, perhaps, egged on slightly by that fact that once ‘Back to School’ hype has blown over, the magic C word always seems to somehow worm its way back into our lives. By the time […]

RAG’s Cinderfella Reviewed

“I wish I could go but I just can’t face going out in the cold. I’m also not a great fan of pantomimes…” And within three hours of uttering those words I was out of the house, on my way to the SU to see Cinderfella, this year’s RAG Christmas Panto. As a self-confessed pantomime […]

Royal Holloway French Society’s Christmas Trip to Lille!

Join the Royal Holloway French Society for their Christmas trip to Lille! A former European Capital of Culture, Lille is a beautiful and traditional French town with a world renowned reputation for art, great shopping and dining and a student-driven nightlife scene. We will be visiting the Lille Christmas Market, famous for its 50m high […]